Mabinogi/Tybalt III


Name: Tybalt III
PL8 – 122 points
Hero Name: Mabinogi
Gender: M
Identity: Secret
Power: Magic
Age: 21

ABILITIES: 10 points

0 Strength
1 Stamina
0 Agility
0 Dexterity
2 Fighting
2 Intellect
0 Awareness
0 Presence

DEFENCES: 21 points

6 Dodge
9 + 1 Fortitude
2 Parry
9 + 1 Toughness
6 Will

ADVANTAGES: 20 points

Defensive Roll 9
Evasion 2
Improved Initiative
Equipment 5
Benefit: Wealth 4

SKILLS: 9 points

Ranged Combat: Spears 6
Close Combat: Spears 4 + 2
Expertise: Magic 8 + 2


Spear (Damage 3, slashing, 4 equipment points)
Cell Phone (1 equipment point)
Stately Manor (Size: Huge, Toughness 10, FeaturesL Communications, Computer, Concealed, Dimensional Portal, Garage, Gym, Hanger, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Secret, Security System, Workshop, 20 equipment points)

POWERS: 58 points

Celtic Ascension
(Array, 25 points)
Warp Spasm (Cu Chulain)
- Enhanced Trait 10 (Strength, 20 points)
Lamhfhada, the Long Arm (Lugh)
- Create 5 (Light, Movable, Precise, 20 points)
Bane of Aillen (Fionn)
- Nullify 10 (Magic, Broad, 20 points)
Krst Bane Kudlak (Kresnik)
- Immunity 20 (Magic, 20 points)
Neart Ar Ngeag (Fianna)
- Deflect 10 (Reflect, 20 points)

- Leaping 5 (5 points)

Celtic Spears
- Variable 4 (28 points)
Gae Bulg (Cu Chulain)
- Damage 6 (Perception, Affects Insubstantial 2, 20 points)
Areadbhar (Lugh)
- Damage 9 (Ranged, Homing 2, 20 points)
Gae Assail (Lugh)
- Teleport 7 (Affects Others only, Increased Mass 6, 20 points)
Fionn’s Spear (Fionn)
- Damage 6 (Multiattack, Penetrating 4, Incurable, 17 points)
Vampire Cross (Kresnik)
- Damage 8 (Affects Insubstantial 2, 10 points)
Glaine Ar Gcroi (Fianna)
- Damage 10 (Area: Cylinder, 20 points)


Soul Prison: Within Tybalt houses the souls of celtic heroes within himself, channeling the awesome power of the Knights of Fianna. Kresnik keeps all the souls in check, and Lugh is a binding force for the Fianna. Though their powers are available to Tybalt, they have no control over Tybalt’s body; special magical runes keep them from invading. If this were ever disrupted, however…

Spear Channeling: In order to channel the powers of the Fianna, Tybalt must wield a spear (or anything that can be used like a spear) as an implement to base off the weapons of the Fianna. Depending on which of the Fianna is channeled, the spear becomes an exact replica of that Fianna’s spear. Without a spear, however…

Morals At Odds: As a descendant of a member of The Red Branch Knights, Tybalt continues his family’s traditions as a knight harboring the souls of the Fianna Knights. But his mother’s side belongs to an order of mages to which he has sworn fealty to. Chivalry often conflicts with a mage’s heritage, and often he is left wondering which side he should stand on.


Mabinogi/Tybalt III

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