Characters would start with 120 points and at PL 8

Variant Rules:

1. The following powers/flaws need GM approval:

(1) Variable
(2) Features
(3) Flaw: Limited ( to discuss whether it falls as being limited)

2. Arrays can only have 5 alternate effects

3. In addition, players could also have two aspects ( a rule from FATE). Aspects are similar to complication in that it sums up the background of the character. It could be used in conjunction with a hero point to modify the plot or it can be used with a hero point to gain a circumstantial bonus of +5. If used against you, you would gain a hero point.


The game is set in the current year,2012. However, the history is not as it is now. The world found itself in a strange place when some people start to develop paranormal powers. Called “Paragons” by the media, these men and women gained abilities that are beyond the human body.

Star City is a gem within the metropolitan cities of America. Once a port city, Star City have gone through several reincarnation to its current image as a city in which cutting edge technology is developed. The biggest firms in the whole world have set up their research and development branches within Star City, each trying to invent the next Big Thing.

Star City is also home to the biggest prison facility for Paragons. People question why the government have decided to have such an unusual arrangement but most Star City citizens just shrug when asked the question.

What is lacking in Star City is a team of superheroes. Star City have seen its fair share of paragons that have turned to criminal activity. So far, the police department has proven to be adequate to handle them . But it is only a matter of time when they faced a paragon foe that only a paragon can take down.

Star City Knights

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